How to Improve Your Credit Score and Qualify for Low Rates on Auto Loans

Time heals all wounds--and all past credit issues, too. While a blemish on your credit report won't disappear overnight, no matter how much you wish it would, bad credit won't haunt you forever. And, if you have no credit whatsoever, it's never too late to start building great credit with solid, on-time accounts.

The team at AutoCenters St. Charles specifically specializes in no credit and bad credit auto financing, and we know a thing or two about helping local drivers in St. Louis and St. Charles County boost their credit score and build their new credit history. Bad credit isn't the life sentence it used to be, thanks to some great tips and tricks (and a whole lot of patience) that you can take advantage of every day.

Take a look at a few of the best ways to fix a bad credit score, or to establish healthy credit right from the get-go.

4 Important and Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

  1. Check your full credit history (Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion) from an authorized credit reporting agency for errors, or to see where you need to most improve
  2. Keep credit balances low, and pay them off in full as soon as possible
  3. Make on-time payments on all of your accounts, every month
  4. If you have no credit, open an account for a loan or credit card that you know you can afford, so you can start getting that positive payment history

Let AutoCenters St. Charles Help With Your Credit

Whether you're looking to repair bad credit, or start building credit where there was none, our team of savvy financing experts can help you. Our guaranteed loan pre-approval program means that you'll be able to get affordable rates on a used car loan that works for you, your lifestyle, and budget. The AutoCenters bad-credit, no-credit financing system has helped thousands of students, parents, and hardworking Missourians open a line of credit and take their first step on an important journey.

Looking for more tips to improve your credit score? Visit our blog to read some smart money tips.


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